Vacheron Constantin the oldest replica watches manufacturer in the world, is to protect and provide a valuable decorative art value " life " and superior craftsmanship more it works perfectly on the wrist. Launched in 2008 to monitor these two famous traveler - Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus salvation. Both shows exquisite exquisite entirely by hand, embodied watchmakers patience, enthusiasm and effort, and the relentless pursuit of perfection, adhering to the brand founder praises Geneva spirit " attic craftsman." As the production process is extremely complex, so that each watch in a limited edition of only 60.

Order attack Trades of Art Masters Series of the "gene" Both replica watches have a unique structure and precision equipment parts, and for the greatest adventure of sailing explorers reproduce special treatment on the dial, the perfect interpretation of the series of symbolic meaning. We can not use the time to measure a wonderful mystical journey, listing savored one reason - it's legend. Enamel dial to create "hot fire " color enamel dial composed of the upper and lower levels, and some overlap. Painted the upper part of the earth to reproduce and explorers touring relevant historical footprint, lower the wheel to a 1320 arc. 12:00 Digital Scale up the dial clockwise from the bottom of the fan dial minute move, highlighting the most exquisite replica watches uk traditional crafts and a really beautiful complex functions.

Dial upper and lower layers must be fire enamel high temperature cooking process to ensure it is fully complementary : the same color, the same cooking time, the same brightness. Since this work is entirely handmade, so every time the wheel is to create truly unique artwork. Fire burning enamel plate, outlining the process of enamel starting point to point with a color head fine brush, fine decorative painting. Tiantu charge of stained glass to watch every step and gesture is accurate, then dial in the temperature of 700-800 degrees Celsius between the furnace and heated. The final firing process, and then coated with a layer of decorative patterns need translucent stream or the protective layer, and then placed in a high temperature of 900 degrees centigrade to complete cooking, followed by a grinding process and final polishing. Each color in the middle of a new repeat the same operation, so that the display can be formed several firing 30 times.

For the Art shows trades Explorers series is to bring life and stable performance Vacheron 1126AT automatic winding mechanical movement. This piece by engineers Vacheron Constantin developed from their own patented movement driving time and follow the path of explorers moved up watchmaking skills to the extreme. The main components of the replica watches movement highly reliable patents, with many sophisticated devices, and Malta logo cross brand webcams connected to drive two separate parts online. Turn crown, position indicators, digital disk rotating device by Vacheron Constantin replica watches manufacturing, making the time to read completely original way. Hours crown with three indicators to an extension of the auxiliary device. Each pointer with four hour dial numbers cam operating Malta cross direction. Crown hours rotatably only the number of hours with the corresponding auxiliary means disposed in the space between the two layers of the dial.